Grant Assistance Program

The University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration (IPA), housed within the Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School for Public Policy and Administration, has launched a Grant Assistance Program (GAP). The program is dedicated to helping Delaware’s local governments tap into federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law grants and other funding opportunities. 

GAP is a state-funded initiative that provides FREE technical grant assistance to local governments for infrastructure initiatives and other competitive and formula grant opportunities. While GAP works with all local governments in Delaware, outreach and support are especially focused on local governments that typically lack the resources and capacity to compete for large-scale infrastructure funding opportunities including rural or underserved communities. GAP works with local government representatives and other relevant partners to identify potential projects, find funding opportunities, and compete for grants.

The GAP provides local governments with a wide array of services to address capacity challenges, such as, an online funding opportunities portal, a curated list of grant-related resources, training sessions, and workshops. The program also supports local governments through virtual open-office hours and direct appointments. As IPA staff members work with towns to develop projects, apply for grants, and implement projects, they will record best practices that can be replicated elsewhere, measure project impacts, and conduct case studies that can be broadly shared.

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