Legislative Advocacy

Since 1963, the nonprofit Delaware League of Local Governments (DLLG) has worked in a nonpartisan role on behalf of Delaware's villages, towns, cities, and counties. Each year, the Delaware's 57 municipalities and three counties make substantial financial commitments to administer a wide array of services on behalf of the state. Our member localities look to the General Assembly as a partner to meet the challenges of governing.

DLLG serves as a unified voice that advocates for direct aid and support for core local government services provided by communities in Delaware. The League's overall legislative objective is to present our members' points of view to the Delaware General Assembly, to secure the most favorable circumstances for the operation of local governments, to guard against preemption, and protect the freedom of municipalities and counties to choose how to serve the needs of their diverse communities best. DLLG's advocacy efforts are focused on a single goal: Building strong communities in Delaware.

2023 Delaware Local Government Day

DLLG Advocacy Program

DLLG advocates for:

  • Critical funding for essential quality-of-life services (e.g., public safety, public works, economic development, infrastructure);
  • Local decision-making authority (so local leaders can shape their communities in concert with residents);
  • Full funding of state and federal mandates (e.g., environmental regulations);
  • Fiscal and environmental sustainability

DLLG's advocacy program is supported by its Legislative Relations Consultant Lincoln Willis, and the work of its Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC), which is comprised of local government administrators, policy directors, mayors, and other elected officials. LAC meets regularly during the legislative session to discuss issues facing Delaware's local governments, analyze bill content, develop DLLG's position/stance on proposed legislation, and to strengthen state-local partnerships.

LAC Members

  • Ron Belinko, Town of Millville Mayor
  • Brian Boyle, New Castle County Policy Director
  • Ken Branner, Town of Middletown Mayor
  • Archie Campbell, City of Milford Mayor and DLLG Vice-President
  • Tom Coleman, City of Newark Manager
  • Gene Dvornick, Town of Georgetown Manager
  • Rosemary Hardiman, Town of Bethany Beach Mayor
  • David Hugg, City of Dover Manager
  • Carol Houck, Town of Ocean View Manager
  • Lew Killmer, Town of Bethany Beach Vice-Mayor and DLLG President
  • Stephanie Mergler, City of Wilmington Deputy Chief of Staff 
  • Stan Mills, City of Rehoboth Mayor
  • Kahlil Saliba, City of Lewes Council Member

DLLG's Legislative Relations Consultant and Executive Director work with the LAC to:

  • Analyze and track bills being considered by the Delaware General Assembly that could affect local governments;
  • Develops position on bills and delivers testimony to legislative committees and executive branch agencies;
  • Update local officials on legislative and executive branch actions;
  • Distribute legislative updates and/or "calls to action" to local officials when the Delaware Legislature is in session;
  • Convey legislative alerts and other critical information on federal legislation and bills before Congress from the National League of Cities

Online Resources - Delaware General Assembly (GA)

Delaware Local Government Day at Legislative Hall

Delaware Local Government Day is planned annually in collaboration with Delaware's Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long and her leadership team. It provides an opportunity for local officials to informally engage with the Lt. Governor, Governor/Governor's Office, and members of the Delaware General Assembly.

View the Video of the May 11, 2023 Delaware Local Government Day

View the Video of the May 12, 2022 Delaware Local Government Day

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